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Job Quality

High quality jobs are gold – they mean lower turnover and absenteeism and improved productivity. Job quality could also motivate older workers to stay in the labour force or encourage highly skilled and valued workers to remain with an employer. CPRN has undertaken research that provides an integrated approach to better understand what people are looking for in a job and the importance of job quality for individuals, employers and public policy-makers. Some of the key issues explored by CPRN include the ageing workforce, employment relationships, healthy and supportive workplaces, work-life balance, and human resources renewal in government.

CPRN's innovative website is a comprehensive Canadian source for up-to-date information on the quality of employment and why this matters to individuals and employers.



Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Balancing Paid Work and Caregiving Responsibilities: A Closer Look at Family Caregivers in Canada Research Report 5 Mar 2009
Working and Looking after Mom and Dad: The Face of Caregiving in Canada Other 5 Mar 2009
Labour Force Trends and Implications for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector Presentation 27 Nov 2008
21st Century Job Quality: Achieving What Canadians Want Research Report 3 Sep 2007
21st Century Job Quality Trends Presentation 19 Apr 2007
The Labour Crunch: Waste Not, Want Not Policy Briefs 19 Apr 2007
First Steps Toward a Skills Strategy for the Voluntary/Non-profit Sector - Workshop Report Research Report 30 Jun 2005
Towards a Skills Strategy for the Voluntary/Non-profit Sector - Discussion Paper Research Report 30 Jun 2005
Where To Work in Canada? An Examination of Regional Differences in Work Life Practices Research Report 29 Apr 2005
Labour Force Ageing and Skills Shortages: Myth or Reality? Presentation 1 Apr 2005
Work Network Theme Changes Other 17 Dec 2004
The Future of Social Innovation in Canada Research Report 26 Nov 2004
Labour Force Ageing and Skill Shortages in Canada and Ontario Research Report 20 Aug 2004
Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector: A Synthesis of CPRN's Research Findings Presentation 19 May 2004
Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Achieving Results Other 5 Mar 2004
Research Highlights Number 4: What all Board Members of Non-profits Need to Know Other 30 Jan 2004
Passion and Commitment Under Stress: Human Resource Issues in Canada's Non-profit Sector - A Synthesis Report - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|5 Research Report 9 Jan 2004
How Canada Stacks Up: The Quality of Work - An International Perspective Research Report 19 Dec 2003
Evaluating Policy Research Research Report 12 Dec 2003
Coping with Change: Human Resource Management in Canada's Non-profit Sector - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|4 Research Report 5 Dec 2003
Women's and Men's Quality of Work in the New Canadian Economy Presentation 15 Aug 2003
A Portrait of Canadian Fundraising Professionals - Results of the AFP/CPRN Survey of Fundraisers 2002 Research Report 11 Jul 2003
Healthy Workplaces and Productivity: A Discussion Paper Research Report 6 Jun 2003
AFP/CPRN Survey of Fundraisers Presentation 24 Mar 2003
Skills and Training in the Non-profit Sector - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|3 Research Report 12 Mar 2003
Men's and Women's Quality of Work in the New Canadian Economy Research Report 21 Feb 2003
Job Quality in Non-profit Organizations - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|2 Research Report 10 Jan 2003
Mapping the Non-profit Sector - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|1 Research Report 17 Dec 2002
Shifting Roles: Active Labour Market Policy in Canada under the Labour Market Development Agreement Other 13 Jun 2002
Rethinking Productivity from a Workplace Perspective Research Report 7 Jun 2002
Rethinking Social Policy for an Aging Workforce and Society: Insights from the Life Course Perspective Research Report 17 May 2002
Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces Research Report 23 Jan 2002
Work-Life Balance in the New Millennium: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go? Research Report 23 Oct 2001
Economic Migrants in a Global Labour Market Research Report 23 Aug 2001
Changing Government Workplaces Research Report 18 May 2001
What's a Good Job? The Importance of Employment Relationships Research Report 2 May 2001
Employer of Choice? Workplace Innovation in Government - A Synthesis Report Research Report 5 Feb 2001
Employer of Choice? Workplace Innovation in Government Presentation 7 Nov 2000
Women and Corporate Directorships in Canada: Trends and Issues Research Report 4 Oct 2000
Research Highlights Number 2: The 1990s: A Turbulent Decade for Labour Relations in the Public Service Other 11 Aug 2000
Pay Differences between the Government and Private Sectors: Labour Force Survey and Census Estimates Research Report 20 Jun 2000
Research Highlights Number 3: Comparing Public and Private Sector Compensation Other 20 Jun 2000
''Industry Self-Management'' as a Strategy for Restructuing Government: The Case of the MCCR and the TSSA in Ontario Research Report 3 Dec 1999
Aeronautical and Technical Services - Natural Resources in Canada Research Report 3 Dec 1999
Outsourcing of the Engineering Design Process in the Alberta Transportation and Utilities Department Research Report 3 Dec 1999
Restructuring the Corporate Function in Government: A Case Study of the Integrated Justice Sector Corporate Services Division in Ontario Research Report 3 Dec 1999
Gender and Self-Employment in Canada: Assessing Trends and Policy Implications Research Report 1 Oct 1999
Rethinking Employment Relationships Research Report 1 Oct 1999
Rethinking Employment Relationships Presentation 30 Jun 1999
An Era of Change: Government Employment Trends in the 1980s and 1990s Research Report 11 Jun 1999
Research Highlights Number 1: An Era of Change Other 11 Jun 1999
Voluntary Sector in Canada: Literature Review and Strategic Considerations for a Human Resource Sector Study Research Report 27 May 1999
Human Resource Development and Planning in the Canadian Software Sector Research Report 4 Dec 1998
Government Compensation: Issues and Options Research Report 7 Jul 1998
Restructuring Government: Human Resource Issues at the Workplace Level Research Report 25 Jun 1998
Charities Doing Commercial Ventures: Societal and Organizational Implications Research Report 3 Apr 1998
Tax Incentives for Charities in Canada Research Report 22 Oct 1997
Organizational and Supervisory Law in the Nonprofit Sector Research Report 30 Sep 1997
The Emerging Sector: In Search of a Framework Research Report 10 Jul 1997
The Future of Work in Canada - A Synthesis Report Research Report 24 Feb 1997