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Research Area:

The Ageing Workforce

The ageing of the labour force presents a number of important challenges. Will skill needs be met? Will Canadians be able to realize their aspirations regarding learning, work, and retirement in their older years? Will economic growth slow as the baby-boom cohorts reach retirement age?

The Work Network has examined issues around workforce ageing from a life course perspective, focusing on five policy areas: education through life; family and work-family relationships; the movement from work into retirement; income security during the latter years of life; and intergenerational relations and social cohesion. This approach provides policy makers and practitioners with a new lens through which to view the interaction of demographic and labour market changes.

We also propose to launch a new study to document differing views of the implications of labour force ageing, to identify the evidence and context behind these views, and to explore policy options for achieving social and economic objectives in light of the demographic shift.


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