Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Governance and Social Policy

There is a growing perception among Canadians that our democracy no longer functions adequately. On one level, the problem is seen as one of citizen participation. How can individual citizens become more involved in the policy-making process? How can representative institutions work more effectively? These are questions of paramount concern, not only to elected officials and political parties, but also to public servants deciding when and how to involve citizens in the policy process.

But the estrangement of citizens from collective institutions is only part of the story. Governance is not a synonym for government. Governance involves a complex web of public policy networks - including public and private sectors, institutions, and individual actors - that increasingly influence how, or even whether, the preferences and choices of citizens are reflected in policy.

Starting from the simple premise that routes to representation change as forms of governance change, CPRN has embarked on a new research program that seeks to describe and assess the impact of governance on social policy-making.


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Economic Arguments for Action on the Social Determinants of Health Research Report 7 Dec 2006
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Assessing the CAPC/CPNP Joint Management Infrastructure as a Model for FPT Collaboration: Looking Back and Moving Forward Research Report 30 Sep 2005
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Governing in an Integrated Fashion: Lessons from the Disability Domain Research Report 27 Jun 2001
Securing the Social Union Research Report 22 Jul 1998
Reflexion - Securing the Social Union: Next Steps Research Report 28 Nov 1997
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