Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Democratic Engagement

CPRN seeks to further our understanding of citizen engagement, how it is viewed and used by different actors in the political and policy process, the institutional environment, the applicability of engagement to different stages of the policy development process, its role in activating and developing communities, the ingredients for success, the barriers to engagement, and so forth.

To this end, we will publish original research and report on important research undertaken in Canada and abroad.

In the context of a growing interest in the need to renew democracy in Canada, PIN is currently planning a research series focusing on youth, civic literacy and political engagement. In collaboration with leading academics, the proposed papers will tackle four themes:

Political and civic participation of young people in Canada

  • The state and potential of civic education in Canada
  • Challenges and opportunities: how political parties currently engage young people and what needs to change to attract young people to politics.
  • Reporting from the front lines: Case Studies on youth engagement


Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Parliament and Civil Society – Collaboration and Disagreement: Managing Creative Tension Presentation 25 Jan 2007
Restoring Citizen Trust — The Heart of Accountability Policy Briefs 30 Nov 2006
Citizens: An Underused and Undervalued Asset in the Pursuit of Improved Health Care and Delivery Commentary 19 Oct 2006
Primer on Public Involvement Research Report 25 Aug 2006
Citizens and horizontal policy: a natural fit Presentation 28 Jul 2006
Disease, Disaster and Democracy - The public's stake in health emergency planning Presentation 28 Jul 2006
Democracy is a Contact Sport - Building Citizenship Skills and Practices: Seven Steps to a Better Body Politic Presentation 16 Jun 2006
Fostering Canadians' Role in Public Policy: A Strategy for Institutionalizing Public Involvement in Policy Research Report 24 Mar 2006
Revitalizing Democratic Participation: Engaging Citizens for Change Presentation 15 Apr 2005
Learning to Engage: Experiences with Civic Engagement in Canada Research Report 31 Aug 1999