Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Public Involvement and Learning Events

CPRN is part of a growing movement seeking to bring together policy-makers and practitioners, interested in improving the practice of dialogue and deliberation. PIN organizes or hosts learning events [open houses, roundtables, workshops, seminars] on different aspects of public involvement. These events bring together policy-makers, consultants and practitioners working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, to share information, plans, experiences and practical lessons about the art and science of public involvement. These learning events stimulate partnerships and serve to identify issues of common interest for further study. As research/practitioners PIN gives numerous presentations on our research projects to diverse audiences in Canada and abroad.



Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Getting Ready for the Referendum: Food for Thought… – Forum Highlights Research Report 12 Jul 2007
The Ontario Citizens' Assembly MMP Model Presentation 12 Jul 2007
Invitation to CPRN and Ryerson University Public Forum – Electoral Systems: Policy Influences, Impacts and Implications Other 30 May 2007