Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Building Capacity for Public Involvement

The Public Involvement Network seeks to build a community and capacity for public involvement among public policy-makers and practitioners, based on our conviction that this is a route to better policy outcomes. To that end, we need to be sure that policy makers and practitioners alike have the skills and competencies required to engage citizens in such activities.

CPRN contributes to the enhancement of public involvement capacity in the following ways:

- Public Involvement and Learning Events
- Dialogue and Deliberation Learning Events


Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Fiscal Federalism: Citizens Bring Politicians Back to Basics Policy Briefs 19 Apr 2007
Matching Methods with Policy Purpose: Two Case Examples of Public Engagement Research Report 8 Mar 2007
A Learning Guide to Public Involvement in Canada Research Report 22 Feb 2007
Learning about Public Involvement in Canada: Program for NPC Study Attachment – Assessment Report Research Report 22 Feb 2007
Information to Empowerment: A Global Perspective Other 30 Jun 2003
Integrating Citizens' Voices into Policy Discourse Other 30 Jun 2003