Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Health and Health Human Resources

The Canadian health care system is both fiercely defended yet hotly debated on many fronts. Most Canadians agree that better and timely access to quality health care services, more accountability and better human resource planning are essential. CPRN carries out research on these fronts with the goal of insuring the system has the capacity to provide the best care possible for all Canadians.

Just as the practice of medicine should be informed by the best scientific evidence, health policy is increasingly shaped by the findings of research in health services and population health. We produce, analyze and disseminate health research to help policy makers and health care providers improve the performance of our health system. We seek to engage decision-makers, citizens and other stakeholders in bridging the gap between research and the implementation of health policies.



Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Centre for Productivity and Health Human Resources Other 24 Sep 2009
Moving Toward Health Service Integration: Provincial Progress in System Change for Seniors Research Report 14 May 2009
Evidence and Healthy Public Policy: Insights from Health and Political Sciences Research Report 5 Jun 2008
The Role of Healthcare Work Environments in Shaping a Safety Culture Research Report 8 May 2008
Frameworks of Integrated Care for the Elderly: A Systematic Review Research Report 1 May 2008
Caring for Nurses in Public Health Emergencies Research Report 28 Feb 2008
Towards Patient-Centred Health Care: Dialogue on the Future of Health Care in Ontario Research Report 24 Jan 2008
Health Policies and Trends for Selected Target Groups in Canada – An Overview Report for the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) Research Report 10 Jan 2008
The Frontline Health Dialogues, Report from the Ottawa Roundtable Research Report 13 Dec 2007
Engaging Stakeholders for HHR Planning: Lessons from Saskatchewan Presentation 25 Oct 2007
Building on the Common Ground: Report from the Saskatchewan HHR Consultation Conference Research Report 11 Oct 2007
Taking the Next Step: Options and Support for a Pan-Canadian, Multi-Professional HHR Planning Mechanism Research Report 4 Oct 2007
Applied Policy Research Makes Strange Bedfellows: Connecting Researchers, the Academy & Governments Presentation 12 Jul 2007
IEHPs, Sustainability and Ethics: The Need for a Pan-Canadian HHR Grow-Op Presentation 12 Jul 2007
Wait Times without Rhetoric: Lessons from the Taming of the Queue Commentary 12 Jul 2007
Frontline Health Care in Canada: Innovations in Delivering Services to Vulnerable Populations Presentation 21 Jun 2007
Not There Yet: Improving the Working Conditions of Canadian Nurses Research Report 21 Jun 2007
The Taming of the Queue IV: New Frontiers of Wait Time Measurement, Monitoring and Management Research Report 7 Jun 2007
Frontline Health Care in Canada: Innovations in Delivering Services to Vulnerable Populations Research Report 26 Oct 2006
Research Highlights Number 7: Frontline Health Care in Canada: Innovations in Delivering Services to Vulnerable Populations Other 26 Oct 2006