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Research Area:

Post-secondary Education - Demand and Supply Issues

Participation in post-secondary education is a major boost for personal fulfilment and labour market rewards. It is also a key to sustained economic and social progress. An environment that encourages all young people to engage in post-secondary education is highly desirable on both equity and efficiency grounds. Relevant research questions to explore include:

What factors affect access to post-secondary education today and for whom? In particular, what is the role of

  • Early childhood education?
  • Financial factors, including parental saving?
  • The family as a motivating influence? and
  • Career guidance and counselling?
  • Does the post-secondary education system meet the demands placed upon it?

What is the effect of limited institutional capacity on access and program choice, especially for low-income students?

  • Are the number and quality of post-secondary graduates meeting employers' demand for skills and knowledge?
  • Is there a need for greater specialization on the part of universities?
  • Research proposals in this area are currently under development. Please watch our site for future postings of publications.


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