Connecting with Canadians

Connecting with Canadians

Since 1994, CPRN has been talking to Canadians about the issues of most importance to our nation. Our approach is thorough, but straight forward – we conduct research, talk to Canadians, and propose policy options. Our goal is to build a better Canada through informed public dialogue on social and economic issues.

Connecting with Canadians is based on what Canadians have told us they expect from government, business and community organizations and what they believe, as citizens, we should give back to society.

We believe Connecting with Canadians is a new approach to socio-economic policy – one that responds to current issues, identifies emerging challenges, remains in synch with public attitudes, and helps find solutions to the most pressing problems we face.

CPRN welcomes partnerships with government, business, foundations and individual Canadians in support of Connecting with Canadians. Together, we can shape the future of our country and help it live up to the collective expectations of all Canadians.


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