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Research Report:

Skills and Training in the Non-profit Sector - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|3

by Kathryn McMullen, Grant Schellenberg

CPRN Research Series on Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector- Report #3 - Skills and Training in the Non-profit Sector 

Like other sectors of the economy, the non-profit sector is experiencing substantial change in its external environment. The fact of change requires innovative responses.  It brings changes in skill requirements and raises the question of how well the sector is doing with respect to providing employees with the training they need to adapt.  The focus of this report, the third in CPRN's Research Series on Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector, is on training - its incidence across establishments and employees, the types of training provided, training practices, the characteristics of employees who received training, and the perceived adequacy of training.  Having this information is an important step in the process of deepening our understanding of human resource issues in the sector and lays the groundwork for further research on the skill and training needs of non-profit organizations and the people they employ. 

Release Date: 12 Mar 2003
Number of pages: 68
Document number: 18140
Keywords: non-profit sector; 1999 Workplace and Employee Survey; employer-sponsored training; participation in training; types of training; perceived adequacy of training