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Research Report:

Mapping the Non-profit Sector - Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector - No|1

by Kathryn McMullen, Grant Schellenberg

Canada's non-profit sector is pulling more weight than ever before. Even so, it remains an enigma. We know very little about its true size, make-up and workplace realities.

The first paper in the series, Mapping the Non-Profit Sector, by Kathryn McMullen and Grant Schellenberg, does the essential groundwork of defining and setting the boundaries of the sector. The authors draw on two Statistics Canada data sources in particular: the 1999 Workplace and Employee Survey and the Business Register. Because of data limitations, they focus on paid employees and their non-profit employers.

Release Date: 17 Dec 2002
Number of pages: 75
Document number: 16373