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Research Report:

Rethinking Productivity from a Workplace Perspective

by Morley Gunderson

The link between workplace practices and productivity is important for all stakeholders - employers, employees and governments.  There is also growing recognition of the link between workplace issues and broader issues of health and well-being.  An interdisciplinary perspective is taken in this paper, focussing on two interrelated issues: the impact of workplace practices on various outcomes and the barriers to the adoption and diffusion of "best" workplace practices.  This study analyses the pressures from the "new world of work" that are giving rise to the new workplace and human resource practices to set the context in which the changes are occurring.  Methodological issues in measuring the impact of workplace practices on productivity and competitiveness are then discussed.  The various workplace practices are analysed and their impact on productivity and competitiveness summarised.

Release Date: 7 Jun 2002
Number of pages: 73
Document number: 12329
Keywords: workplace practices, employee behaviour, bias, training, productivity