Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

Working and Learning in the Information Age: A Profile of Canadians

by David W. Livingstone

The conditions of work and learning now appear to be changing quickly in Canadian society.  A basic assumption underlying much of the recent public discussion about work and learning is that because new jobs are increasingly requiring greater knowledge and skill, a lifelong learning culture must be created in order for Canada and Canadians to succeed in an increasingly information-based world.  This report provides new evidence to assess this assumption through a broad empirical profile of the current work and learning activities of the Canadian adult population and of their interrelations.  The Introduction presents the expansive conceptions of work and learning that informed the collection of evidence, and summarizes the basic research questions and data sources that guided the analysis.  The rapid diffusion of computers, which provides the basis for characterizing the current period as the "information age," is then briefly documented.

Release Date: 19 Apr 2002
Number of pages: 80
Document number: 10960
Keywords: information technology, learning activities, paid employment, informal learning, education