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Research Report:

Charities Doing Commercial Ventures: Societal and Organizational Implications

by Raymond Dart, Brenda Zimmerman

1998, Brenda Zimmerman and Ray Dart, "Charities Doing Commercial Ventures: Societal and Organizational Implications", Joint publication by CPRN and the Trillium Foundation

This report is a qualitative and preliminary study. It maps the major themes and implications of increased commercial activity in the Canadian charitable sector based on a literature review and interviews with a variety of senior members of the Canadian charitable sector. The paper begins with an introductory discussion and an overview of the methods and approach undertaken by the authors. The body of the paper elaborates on the "commercial activities by charities" issue in descriptive, thematic and outcome terms. The paper concludes with a summary and an elaboration of questions for further research.

Release Date: 3 Apr 1998
Number of pages: 92
Document number: 12736

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