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Research Report:

Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces

by Mieke Koehoorn, Graham Lowe, Kent V. Rondeau, Grant Schellenberg

The question guiding the paper is: "What are the key ingredients of a high-quality work environment in Canada's health care sector and how can this goal be achieved?"  Synthesizing insights from a variety of research streams, the paper identifies many ingredients are needed to create a high-quality workplace.  The paper suggests that health care organizations can, and must, achieve a virtuous circle connecting work environments, individual quality of work life, and organizational performance.  Doing so will require a bold new vision of health human resources, supported by a workplace culture and leadership approach that fully values the contributions of all staff.

Release Date: 23 Jan 2002
Number of pages: 37
Document number: 8984
Keywords: health, job satisfaction, labour relations, recruitment, working conditions