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Research Report:

Assessing the Public Interest in the 21st Century: A Framework

by Judith Maxwell, Leslie A. Pal

The federal government has created the External Advisory Committee on Smart Regulation [EACSR] to provide an external perspective on current regulatory issues as well as advice on a Canadian regulatory strategy for the 21st century. The EACSR was given the mandate to recommend areas where government needs to improve, expand, or redesign its regulatory approach to create and maintain a Canadian advantage.

The EACSR recognizes that the concept of "public interest" forms the cornerstone of government regulation. As such, it has identified the clarification of what is meant by 'Canadian public interest' in the 21st century as an area which should be considered in the development of a smart regulation strategy. In this context, Leslie Pal of Carleton University and Judith Maxwell, CPRN were commissioned to produce, "Assessing the Public Interest in the 21st Century: A Framework".

Release Date: 16 Jan 2004
Number of pages: 50
Document number: 25967