Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

The Emerging Sector: In Search of a Framework

by Ronald Hirshhorn

1997, Ronald Hirshhorn [ed.], "The Emerging Sector: In Search of a Framework", CPRN Study No. CPRN|01

This study reports on the discussions at a CPRN Roundtable, where 35 people who know the sector gathered to review the findings of three research papers commissioned by CPRN on the size and scope of the nonprofit sector, organizational and supervisory law and the tax treatment of nonprofits. The study also includes three essays: two on the definition of the sector, and a third, which positions the Roundtable deliberations in the context of recent public policy discussions and the growing academic literature on the nonprofit sector.

Release Date: 10 Jul 1997
Number of pages: 122
Document number: 25944