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Research Report:

Articulation travail-famille : Le contre-exemple des pays dits « libéraux » ?

by Caroline Beauvais, Pascale Dufour

Through an analysis of policies and programs targeting parents with young children, this article examines the manner in which "liberal" welfare regimes address the issue of work-family balance. In considering the recent actions of the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada and Quebec, the authors demonstrate that the liberal welfare regime is characterized by multiple realities. Thus, within the Canadian federal system, the government of Quebec has used its margin of manoeuvre to develop a family policy that in many regards breaks with the traditional logic of liberal regimes. However, the unique character of Quebec's policy also constitutes its main point of vulnerability.

This Research Paper is available in French only. A Preface is available in English.

Release Date: 26 Nov 2003
Number of pages: 21
Document number: 25316