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Research Report:

Family Caregiving and Consequences for Carers: Toward a Policy Research Agenda

by Janet E. Fast, Norah C. Keating

The purpose of this paper is to outline a research agenda that will lead to a better understanding of, and more informed decision making about, policies that affect those who care for adult family members in need. While the well-being of both those who give and those who receive care is likely to be affected by health and continuing care policies, the focus of this paper is on care providers. We begin by setting the boundaries around family caregiving to adults in need and describing the key environments within which they operate. This groundwork permits a brief analysis of the consequences of recent changes in the caregiving environment and identification of policy issues requiring attention. It is on this foundation that we have constructed our recommended policy research agenda.

Release Date: 23 Jun 2000
Number of pages: 28
Document number: 15674