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Research Report:

A Literature Review on Youth and Citizenship

by Caroline Beauvais, Lindsey McKay, Adam Seddon

This paper reviews in detail the literature on youth, re-reading it so as to answer the question: What is the citizenship status of young people today, and, in particular, where are the inequalities across social and economic categories as well as between younger and older people? It also assesses whether young adults have the capacity to achieve full citizenship. As they gain formal civil and political rights, are they also gaining social and economic rights? Do they have the necessary independence to construct the full citizenship that most older adults enjoy? This review covers only the published, and for the most part academic literature on the subject. It provides a careful reading of the literature available in English and in French, dealing with young people in Canada and a few other countries.

Release Date: 4 Sep 2001
Number of pages: 131
Document number: 4031