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Research Report:

The Voluntary Health Sector in Canada: Developing a Typology - Definition and Classification Issues

by Angela R. Febbraro, Michael H. Hall, Marcus Parmegiani

This paper reviews and discusses the variety of labels that have been used to describe voluntary/nonprofit organizations and proposes a label and definitional framework to use in the larger project. It also reviews a variety of classification systems that have been used to organize information about voluntary/nonprofit sector organizations as well as some useful principles that may be used to guide decisions about the suitability of any given classification system. The authors propose an initial approach to classifying voluntary/nonprofit organizations that will assist investigations into their economic and social value and identify some of the key organizational features that researchers need to consider when assessing their potential contributions. Ultimately, such a classification system may be used to document the ways in which voluntary health organizations, such as health charities, community health clinics, or grass-roots health organizations, "add value" to the lives of individual Canadians.

Release Date: 29 Oct 1999
Number of pages: 59
Document number: 18466