Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

Report on the Citizens' Dialogue on the Future of Health Care in Canada

by Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Karen Jackson, Barbara Legowski, Larissa Lozowchuk, Judith Maxwell, Steven Rosell, Daniel Yankelovich

The Citizens' Dialogue Project was designed to contribute in a modest way to a process of collective learning.  The Project helped to gain insight into citizen's values and their preferred choices when they are asked to make difficult trade-offs.  This report reveals that Canadians share a core set of values about health care in Canada.  These values were expressed and re-expressed by participants in ways that resonated widely with their fellow citizens.  As these values were revealed, citizens used them to sift through possibilities, rejecting some and accepting and refining others to come to judgement on a set of acceptable parameters for the health care system of the future.

Release Date: 26 Jun 2002
Number of pages: 138
Document number: 12704
Keywords: Dialogue, Heath Care, Values, Health Policy, Citizen