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Research Report:

Pay Differences between the Government and Private Sectors: Labour Force Survey and Census Estimates

by Morley Gunderson, Douglas Hyatt, Craig Riddell

This report fills a gap in existing research on pay differences between government and private sector employees by analyzing in detail the current situation as well as historical trends. The report focuses on what economists refer to as a "pay premium", which essentially refers to an average pay difference between employees in two sectors - government and the private sector - after taking into account a range of factors [other than industry] known to influence pay levels.

By examining pay patterns within and between the government and private sectors, this report is intended to inform current discussions about responses to human resource management challenges within government, especially regarding workforce recruitment and retention.

Release Date: 20 Jun 2000
Number of pages: 74
Document number: 15680
Keywords: labour force, fiscal restraint, public services, information gap, survey