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Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn't?

by Linda Duxbury

More and more workers are finding it difficult to balance the roles of employee, parent, spouse, and eldercare giver.  Trying to balance paid work, family responsibilities, and personal needs takes a toll on employers, families, and workers.  And it shows up as higher absenteeism, reduced employee commitment, declining job satisfaction, lower workplace morale, and reduced satisfaction with family life. So how do Canadian employees and employers cope with competing work and family demands?  The answer to this and other questions is the focus of the report Reducing Work-Life Conflict:  What Works? What Doesn't published in 2008 by Health Canada.  The report examines what employers, employees and their families can do to reduce work-life conflict.

The full report can be downloaded from the Health Canada website by clicking here.


Release Date: 12 Jun 2008
Number of pages: 30
Document number: 50056