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Research Report:

Employer of Choice? Workplace Innovation in Government - A Synthesis Report

by Graham Lowe

The purpose of this report is to facilitate a broad and comprehensive approach to human resource renewal.  The report argues that the human resource challenges ahead involve far more than recruitment and retention - they demand nothing less than new ways of doing government work and rewarding public sector workers for their contributions.  How a government meets these workforce and workplace challenges will determine its success in providing citizens with the high quality services they need and want.  An employer of choice is positioned to achieve two interconnected goals - a better quality of working life for the knowledge workers who will dominate public service work in the 21st century, and a more efficient and effective public service.

Release Date: 5 Feb 2001
Number of pages: 110
Document number: 18337
Keywords: downsizing, human resources, training programs, development, information technology