Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

Building Citizenship: Governance and Service Provision in Canada

by Jean-Marc Fontan, Peter Graefe, Jean Harvey, Jane Jenson, Will Kymlicka, Antonia Maioni, Eric Shragge

This paper begins with defining the concept of citizenship and also provides a brief overview of the concept of governance.  It then turns to a consideration of the reasons why Canada's historic and current experience of citizenship might advance International Development Research Centre's [IDRC] IDRC's thinking about a "citizenship entry point" for its research agenda, and its attempt to answer the key question:  to what extent does the Canadian experience past and present  have anything to say about options for Africans?  A section of the paper also provides a brief overview of the four commissioned papers and what they have uncovered about the links among citizenship, governance and service delivery in Canada, past and present.  It then concludes with an overview of lessons drawn from the Canadian experience.

Release Date: 5 Oct 2001
Number of pages: 120
Document number: 6720
Keywords: citizenship, services, governance, diversity, health