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Research Report:

Enabling Citizenship: Full Inclusion of Children with Disabilities and their Parents

by Fraser Valentine

This paper is the first of a two-phase research project, both of which are extensions of the analysis carried out in the Best Policy Mix for Canada's Children research program.  It focuses on federal and provincial government policies and investments as they affect preschool and school-aged children with various disabilities and their families.  Given the significant changes taking place in the relevant policy spheres, a primary goal of the paper is to provide a broad overview and general mapping of the policy environment affecting children with disabilities and their families who are living in various circumstances across the country.  The paper aims to present and organize the broad policy frameworks articulated [or not] by provincial jurisdictions, and assesses the administrative arrangements in place for implementing these frameworks.

Release Date: 27 Jun 2001
Number of pages: 156
Document number: 3594
Keywords: programs, governance challenges, child development, framework, disability