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Think Tanks, Foundations and Policy Discourse: Ebbs and Flows, Investments and Responsibilities

by Evert Lindquist

Evert Lindquist makes the case that Canada's foundations should be stepping up to the plate and supporting think tanks more vigorously. Lindquist, Director and Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria, has been researching and writing about think tanks for more than a decade. The paper takes a look back at the development of think tanks in Canada and concludes that it has been rare for any think tank to receive sustained, reliable funding from the government since the early 1990s. Lindquist notes that, unlike their American counterparts, Canadian foundations, especially on the centre-left of the spectrum, have not been important sources of funding for think tanks. He says with recent changes to income tax rules for charitable donations, it would be in the country's best interests for Canadian foundations to step up and change that trend.

Release Date: 9 Nov 2006
Number of pages: 19
Document number: 45986

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