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Research Report:

Building Blocks for Strong Communities - Results of Key Informant Interviews

by Susan Carter

Building Blocks for Strong Communities - Results of Key Informant Interviews. Susan Carter. CPRN Research Report F|61. March 2006. 23 pp.

As the prime minister stated, Canada's small- and medium-sized community organizations [SMOs] are key determinants of the strength of our communities and the quality of our lives. Despite this, we know less about them and provide much less public support for them than for their private sector kin, the SMEs [small- and medium-sized enterprises].

A path-breaking publication from Imagine Canada and CPRN argues this should change.

Building Blocks for Strong Communities, a multi-volume study, compares the characteristics, economic and social contributions, and public policy supports for SMEs and SMOs in Canada and in international context. It finds significant gaps in our knowledge of community organizations and advocates better supports for them.

You can access or download Individual papers in the current volume. See Associated Documents below.

Release Date: 14 Jul 2006
Number of pages: 23
Document number: 44484