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Research Report:

Population Health, Sustainable Development and Policy Future

by Sholom Glouberman, Michael H. Hayes

"Population health" and "sustainable development" are labels that describe two related "big picture" analyses of broad social relations that are greatly extended through space and time, and which involve economic, socio-cultural, and environmental dimensions.  The purpose in both cases is to contribute to a better understanding of the human experience with the express concern of influencing public policy so as to maintain or improve human health and wellbeing.  However, the specific focus of each literature is slightly different, and the policy environments in which they have developed are very different.  Consequently, attempts to integrate the two have been quite limited.  The purpose of this paper is to consider conceptual linkages between sustainable development and population health, and to reflect upon what these areas of joint concern suggest for public policy.

Release Date: 1 Sep 1999
Number of pages: 32
Document number: 18425
Keywords: population health, social context, development, health promotion, working conditions