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Research Report:

Demographic Trends and Implications for the City of Calgary

by Merrill Cooper

Last November, imagineCalgary called for a series of studies to document how the city could be affected by large-scale trends in the key areas like;·
- Climate Change
- Energy
- Demographics
- Health Issues

CPRN's Family Network was contracted to prepare papers elaborating on the last two.

In Demographic Trends and Implications, Merrill Cooper, a Calgary consultant on social issues, examines demographic developments over the next 30 years and how they are likely to inter-relate and influence change in 5 urban systems – social, economic, built environment and infrastructure, natural environment and governance. Together, these systems shape the well-being and quality of life of Calgarians.

Release Date: 7 Apr 2006
Number of pages: 68
Document number: 42873