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Research Report:

The Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS in Canada

by Terry Albert, Gregory Williams

This study on the economic burden of HIV/AIDS in Canada demonstrates that Canada has lost ground in combatting the epidemic over the past seven years.  The study provides new information on the epidemiology [incidence and prevalence of the infection], the lifetime or episodic costs, and the current investments in HIV prevention.  It also sets out a framework for public policies to control the epidemic and reduce unnecessary human suffering.  Canada must create a strategic sentinel surveillance network, and it must invest more in prevention and education designed to reach the people most vulnerable to infection.  This demands a commitment from social and economic ministries and a focus on "community-level" interventions.

Release Date: 19 May 1998
Number of pages: 105
Document number: 18422
Keywords: prevention, epidemic control, early-warning system, HIV prevention, population risk