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Research Report:

Changing Approaches to Health: The History of a Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee

by Lindsey McKay

Changes to the health committee over the last quarter century reflect and have shaped the direction of health policy in the country.  This report tracks the history of this committee as a means to document how the subject of health policy, and, the ways in which it is pursued have changed.  Many issues could be considered matters of importance to "health".  Three variables seemed to determine the ebb and flow of the committee: the conceptualization of health; the relative dominance of particular groups of professionals and relationships among groups; and, the nature of intergovernmental politics.  In taking a longer view of changes in health problems and shifts in the role of the committee, what becomes apparent is the rise and fall of ideas about health.  The original contribution of this research is thus to look beyond the life course of one manifestation of the committee to track the patterns that have formed over the last three decades.

Release Date: 1 Feb 2001
Number of pages: 33
Document number: 18405
Keywords: collaboration, health promotion, population health, structure, population characteristics

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