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Research Report:

Housing, Horizontality and Social Policy

by David Hay

Housing, Horizontality and Social Policy. David Hay. Paper presented in January 2005 to an Expert Roundtable on "Horizontality and Linkages to the Broader Social Policy Agenda," Vancouver, British Columbia. March 2005. 12 pp.

David Hay, Director of CPRN's Family Network, underlines housing's social policy role in Housing, Horizontality and Social Policy, a paper prepared for an Expert Roundtable in Vancouver in January, part of a country-wide consultation process led by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada [HRSDC] in collaboration with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation [CMHC].

Hay reiterates a fundamental argument of recent research by CPRN and others, that adequate, affordable housing is essential to the success of many other social and economic policies.

Release Date: 11 Mar 2005
Number of pages: 12
Document number: 35466

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