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Research Report:

Mapping Legislative Accountabilities

by Susan V. Zimmerman

Mapping Legislative Accountabilities. Susan V. Zimmerman. Health Care Accountability Papers, No|5. February 2005. 38 pp.

Accountability means answering questions like; Who is responsible to whom for what? How can we tell whether they have fulfilled that responsibility? and, What is the consequence for not fulfilling it?

A new addition to CPRN's Health Care Accountability Papers, explores Canadian health-related legislation with these questions in mind. Mapping Legislative Accountabilities by Susan Zimmerman, a lawyer with the Health Law Group at Borden Ladner Gervais, in Toronto, provides what she calls, "a useful outline of the landscape, identifying where accountability is concentrated, what types of accountability are most prevalent, and where there are weak spots or gaps."

Release Date: 25 Feb 2005
Number of pages: 38
Document number: 35190