Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

Transparency, Trust and Citizen Engagement - What Canadians Are Saying About Accountability

by Julia Abelson, François-Pierre Gauvin

Transparency, Trust and Citizen Engagement, is written by Julia Abelson and François-Pierre Gauvin of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster University, in collaboration with Judy Watling and Mary Pat MacKinnon of CPRN's Public Involvement Network. It presents the citizens' perspective on accountability.
The authors draw on the findings of four recent CPRN citizens' dialogues, involving more than 1,600 randomly chosen Canadians from coast to coast, as well as a number of other sources. Their paper provides a reference point against which to judge whether current efforts to improve accountability meet citizens' expectations.

Release Date: 10 Dec 2004
Number of pages: 41
Document number: 33621