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Research Report:

Developing Skills in the Canadian Workplace [Contents-Acknowledgments]

by Gordon Betcherman, Norm Leckie, Kathryn McMullen

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1997, Gordon Betcherman, Norm Leckie, Kathryn McMullen, "Developing Skills in the Canadian Workplace, The Results of the Ekos Workplace Training Survey", CPRN Study No. W|02

Human capital – people, their skills, and their knowledge – is a critical asset in a knowledge – and technology-based economy.  Workplace training, as one important vehicle for developing human capital, can have significant impacts both on the performance of firms and on the employment prospects of individuals.  Drawing on a wealth of new data collected from employers and employees across the country, this report profiles the patterns of workplace training in Canada, describes the factors driving the decisions that firms and employees make regarding training, and identifies the factors that determine how effective training is.  After reviewing the evidence on workplace training in Canada and presenting their analytical findings, the authors identify the key policy issues that need to be addressed.

Release Date: 9 Jun 1997
Number of pages: 16
Document number: 31317